Plug ‘n’ Play Cables



NOCQUA Plug ’n’ Play Cables expand the installation options for those seeking an intuitive rigging layout on the vessel. The Cables are available in 2 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths and feature the NOCQUA water-tight connection ports that are universal across the Pro Power platform.

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Our Take

If you’re looking for a clean install, look no further than the Plug ‘n’ Play Cables. The extra lengths of cable allow for an install within the kayak. You can even spread out your devices across your craft.

2 Replies to “Plug ‘n’ Play Cables”

  1. May I cut the the female end off one of these plug and play cables, replace it with alligator clips and use my Nocqua charger to charge another brand 7 amp hour lithium battery?

    1. Hello James. We do not recommend charging anything other than Nocqua products. Every manufacturer has very particular specs and safety protocols built into each device.

      I hope this helps,

      Team Nocqua