Smart Link Battery Connector


You asked for it, you got it! The Nocqua Smart Link Battery Connector will give you more options to keep your adventures powered through long days and nights.

Connect two NOCQUA 12V batteries together to increase your device runtime.

Push Button Battery Selector

LED Indicators

Smart Link auto switching when battery is depleted for seamless operation

Water resistant design

Velcro mounting strap

Waterproof connectors

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Our Take

The Nocqua Smart Link Connector was specifically designed to accommodate anglers searching for additional power, without sacrificing added weight or storage space from a larger battery. Utilizing the proven technology from Nocqua, you can easily connect two Nocqua 4.4Ah batteries or two Nocqua 10Ah batteries for double the power. When your hands are full, let the smart switching technology seamlessly manage power to your electronic device. When battery one is drained, the Smart Link switches to the second battery. Keeping in line with our family of products, the Smart Link is compact, durable, functional, innovative and reliable when you need it most.

Operating procedure

#1 Connect the primary battery into the right port of the Smart Link to power your device.
#2 Press the button once to activate power. A Solid red light will indicate power to the device. Power is now active and ON
#3 Press the button again to power OFF
#1 Connect the back up battery into left port. This is considered a secondary power source
#2 The Smart Link will automatically switch to the secondary power source once the primary battery (right side port battery) is depleted
#3 A flashing red light will indicate when back-up power is being used. This light will flash between the left and right side.
#4 Press the button again to power OFF when needed
#1 If the lights aren’t indicating power when the batteries are connected. A hard reset is required to re-activate the circuit board. Disconnect and reconnect the batteries.

Please note: The Smart Link button does not switch between battery #1 and battery #2 manually. This is feature is performed internally after the primary battery (right port) is depleted. This design feature maximizes battery life and efficiency from the primary battery (right port) before switching to the secondary power source. This also simplifies the button sequence to ON and OFF.


Do not connect a battery charger into the Smart Link! The Link is a one way street for power output. Connecting the battery charger to the Smart Link will result in damage. Please contact with any questions.