About us

At NOCQUA, we know adventure. Our innovative and flexible product lines are developed with insight to the activities that call you outdoors so that you can have fun on your terms, without limitations.


NOCQUA began in 2013 with the release of the flagship Pro Series 2000. A patented underwater lighting system designed to mount underneath stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. We were inspired to hand the reigns to paddlers so that they could decide when they wanted to get outdoors and on the water. As demand grew, so did our ideas. In no time, the Pro Series Spectrum and Sport Edition models entered the market, bringing color and a more compact design, respectively. Waters
across the globe began to glow.

In developing a rechargeable system of LEDs designed for underwater use, NOCQUA inventor Billy Rossini faced the paramount task of designing a rechargeable battery small and light enough to sit on a paddleboard, while maintaining water resistance that would ensure safe and continued use. Little did he know that in 2015, this technology would catapult NOCQUA out of its lighting niche and into the growing world of mobile power for the outdoors.

Power Capacity

Easy wiring capabilities, compact design, and high power capacity launched the Pro Power Kit into the kayak fishing market. Today, the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit is a favorite of adventurers everywhere. Easy, lightweight power with a growing number of adapters and power options means never cutting your trip short due to a dead device – simply charge and go.

So whether your brand of adventure is a hike through your favorite outdoors playground, a kayak on a fish filled lake, or an ocean paddle after dark, NOCQUA is here to help you keep the adventure going.