FAQ - NOCQUA Adventure Gear

The NOCQUA Team has been asked and has answered many Power & Lighting FAQ. We’re here to help and have compiled a list of the most frequently asked Power & Lighting FAQ pair with our best answers.

If you have a Power & Lighting FAQ that is not found on this page, please get in contact with us on our Contact page.

How durable are the NOCQUA light systems?

The LEDs are set in epoxy and cased within an aluminum track for even heat dissipation and added strength. The LED bar is then held within a PVC track, making the system pliable without compromising its durability. Whether you’re headed over rocks, sand, or oyster beds, the lights will be safe. We always suggest that you take care of your light system as you would any other piece of gear.

Will the NOCQUA light systems fit around my vessel?

The light systems are designed to fit around, or on, just about anything – SUPs, kayaks, canoes, trees, campers, ATVs, car hoods, popup tents, and many more. The patented harness setup will extend or shrink to meet your needs. Each system also comes with a set of extension straps to add length onto the harness, if needed. The hole in each end cap also offers space for zip ties, paracord, velcro, thumbscrews, or other fastening components. If you have a special application that you have a question about or need help with, please email info@nocqua.com with some details. We’ll be happy to help light it up!

My home water is dirty, which NOCQUA light system will work best?

Each of the NOCQUA light systems have a different “lumen” rating – a lumen is the technical unit for measuring brightness. One lumen is the described as the amount of light produced by one birthday candle, one foot away.At NOCQUA, we like to use the lumens as a simple way to differentiate between our light systems, but the unit only really tells part of the story. We also like to talk about the “light penetration” of each light system. All three of those elements – water clarity, lumen rating, and light penetration – account for the desired effect while out on the water. While deciding on which system will suit your needs the best, think about how you want to use the NOCQUA light system, where you’ll be using it, and how bright it needs to be. If you have any further questions, please email info@nocqua.com. We’ll be happy to help you narrow down the search

How long will the battery power my device?

The run time of the NOQUA Pro Power battery depends on the draw of the device. Check with the device manufacture for the average draw. Make sure to note the units – the draw will either be listed in Ah (amps per hour) or mAh (milliamps per hour). Once you have that number and keeping the units consistent, divide the draw by the capacity of the Pro Power Kit (i.e. 10Ah or 10,000mAh/4.4Ah or 4,400mAh). The number remaining will be the average run time in hours of the device powered by a fully charged NOCQUA Pro Power Battery.

Will this battery power my device?

The NOCQUA Pro Power battery is rated for all 12V devices, but it is always a good idea to check with your device manufacturer before using any form of power.

How long does the battery need to charge?

A fully depleted 4.4Ah battery will take about 3 hours to charge, while a 10Ah will take about 9-10 hours to charge. The standard NOCQUA charger has an LED that will switch from 'red' to 'green' when the battery is fully charged.

Do I need to install a fuse?

Overcharge and short circuit protection is wired into the NOCQUA Pro Power battery, but extra safety precautions never hurt anyone. We always suggest asking this question to the device manufacturer before installation to be on the safe side.

Is my NOCQUA battery good to go out of the box?

The battery is shipped with some charge, but just like any high performance battery we suggest that you first run the battery all the way down before charging it for the first time. Then, plug it into the wall and don’t take it off until the LED light on the charger turns from red to green.

Can I leave my NOCQUA battery plugged in even after it is fully charged?

We recommend unplugging the battery from the charger after reaching a full charge. The battery has short circuit and overcharge protection wired into its construction. For long periods without use, we suggest discharging the battery to about 50% and storing it in a cool area.

How durable is the NOCQUA battery?

The NOCQUA battery was designed to take a beating and keep you powered regardless of what you throw at it (or it at!). The internal cells and circuitry are cased in a thick layer of silicone to make it safe against bumps, drops, and crashes while also keeping water out. The connection features a thumbscrew to prevent accidental unplugging and to keep pressure on the rubber o-ring (gasket) between the male and female connections. This allows for the ports to be submerged without any water leaking in. All in all, treat your NOCQUA battery just as any other piece of gear but when it comes down to it, there’s no need to be scared to put it through the paces.

Is there any maintenance necessary to keep the battery functioning like new?

1.To maintain the NOCQUA battery longevity: Most smart phones, action cameras, and other electronics that you come in contact with every day employ Lithium Ion technology. Just as you do not need to cycle your smart phone, you do not need to be concerned about the NOCQUA battery’s “memory” or discharge cycles. For the average user, simply using the provided charger will be enough to ensure a long battery life.  2.Salt Water Care: (a) Flush the connection ports with fresh water after EACH use. (b) Utilize and liberally apply marine grade anti-corrosion or corrosion inhibiting spray/grease on the connections.