• 12V Battery


    Add an extra battery to your rig and extend your run time during every adventure! A water resistant, silicon skin encases the battery which is enclosed in a durable nylon sleeve. A thumb screw creates a water seal to protect the electrical connection and easily fastens to all NOCQUA gear.

    For lighting applications, the Pro Series systems use the 4.4Ah battery and the Sport Edition uses the 2.2Ah battery; however, the batteries are compatible with both systems.

  • 6-Pack Kit


    Stock up on Sacrificial Adapters + Caps with the 6-Pack Kit. Whether you already own a Corrosion Preventative Kit, or you have a favorite corrosion spray on hand, the 6-Pack Kit is a perfect choice to keep on-hand, in the tackle box, or on the kayak.

    Each 6-Pack Kit comes with (6) Sacrificial Adapters and (6) Vinyl Caps + Tether.

  • Cap Pack


    Keep your Pro Power Battery terminals clean and protected while they are not in use with the Cap Pack. Each Cap Pack comes with (1) Male Cap + Tether and (1) Female Cap + Tether.

  • Corrosion Preventative Kit


    Constant contact with rough, wet conditions is unforgiving to electronics. Protect, preserve, and secure your NOCQUA Pro Power Kit’s battery terminal with the Corrosion Preventative Kit.

    The Corrosion Preventative Kit comes with: (1) Sacrificial Adapter that connects to the permanent battery lead to protect the battery terminal by preventing direct contact with moisture; (0.5oz) NanoProTech Solution to preserve the electrical connection with an insulting coat of moisture displacing nanoparticles; and a (1) Cap & Tether to secure the battery lead when not in use.

  • Dual Port USB Adapter


    New for 2018, the Dual Port USB Adapter converts the Pro Power Battery into a power source for cell phones, action cameras, and other USB charged devices. Ports offer 5V, 1A and 5V, 2.1A charging options. A threaded casing and locking nut enable the Dual Port USB Adapter to be hard-mounted onto any flat surface. The Adapter also features a glowing LED battery gauge that indicates the amount of remaining power in the Pro Power Battery. Power will automatically shut off after the charged device is full, preserving battery life.

  • Goal Zero Adapter


    Out of power without an outlet is no different than being up a creek without a paddle – you will never need an outlet if you’re Solar Ready. Going off the grid has never been easier. The Solar Ready Adapter seamlessly integrates with Goal Zero solar panels to charge NOCQUA batteries while out on the water, on the move, or at a campsite.

  • Plug ‘n’ Play Cables


    NOCQUA Plug ’n’ Play Cables expand the installation options for those seeking an intuitive rigging layout on the vessel. The Cables are available in 2 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths and feature the NOCQUA water-tight connection ports that are universal across the Pro Power platform.

  • Pro Power Component Pack


    The Pro Power Component pack comes with everything you need to wire an additional electronic device for use with the 12V Li-Ion Battery and the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit. The Kit includes: (1) DC wire with open-ended leads; (1) 6″ tube of marine grade heat shrink tubing; and (2) marine grade butt connectors.

  • Pro Power InLine Switch


    The InLine Switch adds an on/off function to the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit. Designed to preserve capacity or simply cut power without needing to unplug the battery, the InLine Switch is a perfect addition to a streamlined electronic setup. It also features a glowing LED battery gauge that indicates remaining battery power.

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