Dual Port USB Adapter


The Dual Port USB Adapter converts the Pro Power Battery into a power source for cell phones, action cameras, and other USB charged devices. Ports offer 5V, 1A and 5V, 2.1A charging options. A threaded casing and locking nut enable the Dual Port USB Adapter to be hard-mounted onto any flat surface. The Adapter also features a glowing LED battery gauge that indicates the amount of remaining power in the Pro Power Battery. Power will automatically shut off after the charged device is full, preserving battery life.

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Our Take

The Dual Port USB Adapter is the latest creation out of NOCQUA HQ. As electronics become more and more important to your daily routine out on the water, it’s important to keep the charge levels high on your devices. This Adapter is designed to be hard-mounted into any flat surface. It’s a simple install, with huge possibilities.

The two charging outputs is also an invaluable feature. Most cellphones and action cameras will require a 1A charge, while most tablets and larger draw devices necessitate a 2.1A charge; however, the 2.1A will double as a “speed charger” for your lower draw devices.

As always, the NOCQUA connection port offers a water-tight seal that will keep your electronics safe for the long haul.

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