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Finally truly portable fish finder battery for powering your sounder, GPS, and other outdoor electronics!
Lightweight, durable, and water resistant – the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit utilizes the same battery technology developed for the light systems, with open-ended connections to easily power your electronic devices.
The Pro Power Kit comes in two capacity sizes, 4.4Ah and 10Ah, to power every adventure!
Pro Power Kits include: 110V Pro Charger with Battery Level Indicator, Component Pack with component cable, heat shrink butt connectors and heat shrink tubing.
*2021 10A Kits include the new Camo Battery Sleeve!

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Our Take

We designed the Pro Power Kit to work for you and keep you powered for the long haul.

The central component, the Lithium Ion Battery, was initially developed from the ground up to function as a power source for our lighting systems. During development, there were specific attributes that we prioritized –  a low profile, a compact and lightweight design, safety, durability, high capacity, and the ability to easily recharge for multiple uses. Little did we know back then that each of these features would function together to create the perfect, universal power source. The NOCQUA battery’s generalized construction highlights its versatility, working for you through the elements and between adventures. 

The battery is silicone sealed for water resistance and durability, with a water-tight connection port. The Kit comes with everything you need to install, plug in, and go, so there’s no need to buy extra gear. It is designed to get you on the water with less hassle and keep you there for hours to come.

Bottom line, we love the Pro Power Kit because it’s not fancy. It just works.


How long will the battery power my device?

The run time of the NOQUA Pro Power battery depends on the draw of the device.
Check with the device manufacture for the average draw. Make sure to note the units – the draw will either be listed in Ah (amps per hour) or mAh (milliamps per hour).
Once you have that number and keeping the units consistent, divide the capacity of the Pro Power Kit (i.e. 10Ah or 10,000mAh/4.4Ah or 4,400mAh) by the draw of the device (be sure to keep the units consistent!).
The number remaining will be the average run time in hours of the device powered by a fully charged NOCQUA Pro Power Battery.

Will this battery power my device?

The NOCQUA Pro Power battery is rated for all 12V devices, but it is always a good idea to check with your device manufacturer before using any form of power.

How long does the battery need to charge?

A fully depleted 4.4Ah battery will take about 3 hours to charge, while a 10Ah will take about 9-10 hours to charge. The standard NOCQUA charger has an LED that will switch from ‘red’ to ‘green’ when the battery is fully charged.

How many battery charge cycles will I get?

This varies on battery maintenance and use. On average between 300 to 500 cycles.

How many years will my battery last?

Again, this varies on battery maintenance and use. On average between 2-3 years.

Additional FAQ

Is my battery waterproof?

The battery is deigned to be versatile, durable and water resistant. Not waterproof.

Other questions…

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