Corrosion Preventative Kit

Corrosion Preventative Kit


Constant contact with rough, wet conditions is unforgiving to electronics. Protect, preserve, and secure your NOCQUA Pro Power Kit’s battery terminal with the Corrosion Preventative Kit.

The Corrosion Preventative Kit comes with: (1) Sacrificial Adapter that connects to the permanent battery lead to protect the battery terminal by preventing direct contact with moisture; (0.5oz) NanoProTech Solution to preserve the electrical connection with an insulting coat of moisture displacing nanoparticles; and a (1) Cap & Tether to secure the battery lead when not in use.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Our Take

Maintaining the factory quality of gear is important; however, not all adventures are kind to your favorite tools. Knowing that the best outings can be accompanied by rough conditions led to the creation of the Corrosion Preventative Kit. It includes three components, specifically selected to shield the permanent battery terminal and give peace of mind to those who use and abuse gear out on the water.

Stop corrosion before it starts with the Corrosion Preventative Kit and good, consistent maintenance.


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