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Finally truly portable fish finder battery for powering your sounder, GPS, and other outdoor electronics!
Lightweight, durable, and water resistant – the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit utilizes the same battery technology developed for the light systems, with open-ended connections to easily power your electronic devices.
The Pro Power Kit comes in two capacity sizes, 4.4Ah and 10Ah, to power every adventure!

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Battery Capacity

10Ah, 4.4Ah

Our Take

We designed the Pro Power Kit to work for you and keep you powered for the long haul.

The central component, the Lithium Ion Battery, was initially developed from the ground up to function as a power source for our lighting systems. During development, there were specific attributes that we prioritized –  a low profile, a compact and lightweight design, safety, durability, high capacity, and the ability to easily recharge for multiple uses. Little did we know back then that each of these features would function together to create the perfect, universal power source. The NOCQUA battery’s generalized construction highlights its versatility, working for you through the elements and between adventures. 

The battery is silicone sealed for water resistance and durability, with a water-tight connection port. The Kit comes with everything you need to install, plug in, and go, so there’s no need to buy extra gear. It is designed to get you on the water with less hassle and keep you there for hours to come.

Bottom line, we love the Pro Power Kit because it’s not fancy. It just works.


How long will the battery power my device?

The run time of the NOQUA Pro Power battery depends on the draw of the device.

Check with the device manufacture for the average draw. Make sure to note the units – the draw will either be listed in Ah (amps per hour) or mAh (milliamps per hour).
Once you have that number and keeping the units consistent, divide the capacity of the Pro Power Kit (i.e. 10Ah or 10,000mAh/4.4Ah or 4,400mAh) by the draw of the device (be sure to keep the units consistent!).
The number remaining will be the average run time in hours of the device powered by a fully charged NOCQUA Pro Power Battery.

Will this battery power my device?

The NOCQUA Pro Power battery is rated for all 12V devices, but it is always a good idea to check with your device manufacturer before using any form of power.

How long does the battery need to charge?

A fully depleted 4.4Ah battery will take about 3 hours to charge, while a 10Ah will take about 10 hours to charge. The standard NOCQUA charger has an LED that will switch from ‘red’ to ‘green’ when the battery is fully charged.

Other questions...

Check out the full list of F.A.Q.’s or email info@nocqua.com.

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5 reviews for Pro Power Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    James McGowan

    I have several of the 4.4 and the 10.0 Ah Pro Power batteries. I use them all the time and they are fantastic!

    On my personal kayaks, the 4.4 Ah powers a Raymarine Dragonfly 7-Pro for over 6 hours. If you turn the units backlight down even 5 or 10%, it goes amazingly longer. The backlighting is one of the largest consumers of power.

    I use the 10.0 Ah battery on another kayak to power a Raymarine Axiom 9 RV multifunction display, RMK-9 keypad unit, and EV-1 Evolution compass sensor. I also use it to keep my phone topped up with the USB accessory port. I can get about 6 hours of run-time out of this setup too.

    I have another 10.0 Ah battery at work that I use in the field to power many different types of marine electronics (I work for FLIR and Raymarine.) I’ve powered our Axiom 12 Pro S MFD for about 4 hours continuously at 100% backlighting at the ICAST show this summer for their outdoor event. I’ve also used it to power FLIR thermal cameras, AIS receivers, a Quantum radar scanner, and several other projects I’ve had to test in the field for work.

    These kits are fantastic. The batteries, chargers, and supplied materials are top-notch. Nocqua makes it easy to put it together correctly the first time.

    And, in case you were wondering, my first exposure to Nocqua batteries came from a 4.4 Ah battery that was given to us to test on various Raymarine products. It has worked so well, I have purchased all of the others I use at home and work!

    It is money well spent and you won’t be disappointed. Small, light and powerful!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bob V (verified owner)

    Used 10a kit with my Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp yesterday, for a 8hr session. Worked flawlessly, running the system continuously. This system is everything I want as a sounder power solution for kayaking/float tubing – light, quick to charge both off grid power, and off solar panels, easy to install, with a small footprint. GREAT Product!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using the 10Ah kit for several months to power my Raymarine Pro 7 fish finder and this battery has never let me down during an all day outing on the water. I’ve got the USB adapter also to give the GoPro a few extra hours of video. Love it!!

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    George Rooke

    I love the design – small, potable, light and protected from the elements. Should be great for my Kayak. The only knock I have on it which keeps me from the full 5 star rating is the two pink wire connectors and the lack of instructions. In my opinion, the wire connectors need to be larger so the joining wires can first be wrapped together to form a nice tight (strong) bond and then placed into the pink protective sleeves and crimped. I tried just inserting the two wires and crimping down but that was not strong enough – in my opinion a poor connection.And the connectors were too narrow to accept the wires bond together. It would also be nice if there were instructions on how to shrink the shrink-wrap tubing as I have never used before. Oh and one more thing, a hook or waterproof attachment device on the battery cover so I can lash it / secure it to my sit-on-top kayak without it falling off. Great product even with these three “opportunities.”

    • EJ Caughlin

      Thank you for the review! Please click through to a PDF version of our instructions (https://nocqua.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Install-Instructions.jpg) or a step by step video narrated by one of our pro-staffers, Jameson Redding (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVKA-Bl9V5w) is also available.

      In regards to the marine grade pink butt connectors, the crimp should be pressed down to hold the connection tight. We suggest using needle-nose pliers, instead of wire strippers, if the barrel is not holding. Some extra pressure should do the trick!

      The material on the inside of the barrel is conductive, so as long as the wires are being held tight, the connection will persist. The butt connectors also have heat shrink adhesive on the inside which will increase the holding strength of the connection. The heat shrink tubing, included in the kit, will also add to the holding strength of the connection. If you would prefer a stronger solution, we have had customers forgo the butt connectors and instead solder the black/red wires to their device mate, then water proof the connection with the heat shrink tubing.

      Lastly, we suggest using the battery cover as an attachment device. The velcro sleeve has a good amount of extra space to be wrapped around railings or bungee that is found on kayaks.

      Should you have any further questions, be sure to give us a call at headquarters (336-448-0352).

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jon Gardner

    I bought this for running my Raymarine Dragonfly 4 and my Supernova Fishing Lights on my Jackson Coosa HD , this is a awesome light weight battery took a lot of weight off my yak , I was running 3 12v 7.5 amp battery sla, I bought the 10 amp version

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