Goal Zero Adapter


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Out of power without an outlet is no different than being up a creek without a paddle – you will never need an outlet if you’re Solar Ready. Going off the grid has never been easier. The Solar Ready Adapter seamlessly integrates with Goal Zero solar panels to charge NOCQUA batteries while out on the water, on the move, or at a campsite.
Compatible with Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel

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Our Take

Goal Zero, as a leader in portable solar power, began the Solar Ready project a few years ago as a collaboration between like-minded brands that love everything the outdoors provide. NOCQUA is fortunate to partake in such a positive, community orientated program.

By adding the Goal Zero Adapter to your rig, you will be able to charge a NOCQUA battery wherever the sun is shining. Our adapter seamlessly integrates with the Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels to replace our regular wall outlet. Just plug in, charge up, and enjoy!

4 Replies to “Goal Zero Adapter”

  1. Which of the Goal Zero Solar panels will the adapter work with to hook directly up to the Nocqua battery?
    Which is the optimal to utilize in order to charge the 10ah Nocqua battery?
    Does this adapter also allow connection to other similar types of batteries?
    Are there any other batteries Goal Zero has partnerships with that are recommended?

    1. Hello Drew. The Nocqua Goal Zero adapter works with Goal Zero Nomad panels. Nomad 7 & 10 are great models. We recommend the Nocqua 10Ah Battery and our adapters fit only Nocqua products.

      Thank you.

  2. Any recommendations for which Goal Zero model to pair up with the nocqua battery to fully charge a 10ah battery? Any idea how long each model takes to charge a 10ah battery? Thank you.

    1. Hello Patrick, The Nocqua Solar Adapter works with Goal Zero Nomad Panels. I’m not sure about which plugs are on the new panels. Charging depends on the model panel, sunlight and few other factors. It does work really well in direct sunlight though. Please feel free to contact us at info@nocqua.com