10Ah Pro Power Kit on a fishing kayak

You asked and we delivered! This spring, the 10Ah Pro Power Kit joins the lineup alongside the 4.4Ah battery pack.

At NOCQUA, our job has never been to dictate your adventure. Rather, our products aim to enhance and expand your experience, removing any and all limitations to getting outdoors. Over the past year, the 4.4Ah Pro Power Kit has quickly become a favorite among kayak fisherman everywhere, who have found it to be the perfect answer to powering their on the water electronics. Anglers looking for a power source to run their finders and sounders, in particular, have been seeing the benefits of using such a powerful, yet compact, battery kit.

Don’t just take our word for it; take it from Chris Funk: “It lasts longer than I care to fish, longer than my back or butt can stand.”

Now, not all butts and backs are created equal, so in order to keep you on the water longer, NOCQUA has released the 10Ah Pro Power Kit with all of the same components and easy installation you loved before, now with a greater capacity, and longer run time. This larger battery is still just as compact – weighing in at just 1.4lbs, compared to the 0.85 lbs 4.4 Ah battery – but the increased capacity gives you the ability to power multiple devices using the NOCQUA Y Connector or simply to stay outdoors longer.

Have questions or want to know which kit is right for you? Visit the Pro Power Kit Shop page for a direct spec comparison, as well as an install video and F.A.Qs! And as always, feel free to contact us via our contact page or at info@nocqua.com.

Chris Funk’s Run Down: http://youtu.be/p0M978DKdro

Pro Power Kit in the NOCQUA Shop: https://nocqua.com/product/pro-power-kit/

Contact us at NOCQUA HQ: https://nocqua.com/contact/

Build Your Battery Rig: https://nocqua.com/build-your-rig/

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