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The Original NOCQUA 2000 system has everything you need to get started with the most extraordinary night paddling experience you have ever had. The system is versatile and reliable – it can be adjusted to fit all SUPs, Kayaks, and Canoes – and produces 2000 lumens of brilliant white light. Plus, it is an excellent way to light up the night on land at your campsite, work station, or wherever you need light.

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Dimensions 45 x 7 x 5 in

Our Take

We came to market with the Pro Series 2000 in April 2013. Nostalgia aside, the 2000 Pro Series is the best, brightest, and most highly sought after lighting accessory for paddlers. This classic product has only improved since the first system left our warehouse. From the strap buckles to the LEDs, the Pro Series 2000 reflects over five years worth of feedback and testing. It’s optimized, yet simplicity is still one of its best features. If you want to plug in and say “WOW” every time you get out on the water, choose the Pro Series 2000.




How durable are the NOCQUA light systems?

The LEDs are set in epoxy and cased within an aluminum track (for even heat dissipation and added strength). The LED bar is then held within a PVC track, making the system pliable without compromising its durability. Whether you’re headed over rocks, sand, or oyster beds, the lights will be safe. We always suggest that you take care of your light system as you would any other piece of gear.

Will the NOCQUA light systems fit around my vessel?

The light systems are designed to fit around, or on, just about anything – SUPs, kayaks, canoes, trees, campers, ATVs, car hoods, popup tents, and many more. The patented harness setup will extend or shrink to meet your needs. Each system also comes with a set of extension straps to add length onto the harness, if needed. The hole in each end cap also offers space for a zip tie, paracord, velcro, thumbscrews, or other fastening components. If you have a special application that you have a question about or need help with, please email info@nocqua.com with some details. We’ll be happy to help light it up!

My home water is dirty, which NOCQUA light system will work for me?

Each of the NOCQUA light systems have a different “lumen” rating – a lumen is the technical unit measurement of brightness. One lumen is the described of one birthday candle one foot away. At NOCQUA, we like to use the lumens as a simple way to differentiate between our light systems, but the unit only really tells part of the story. We also like to talk about the “light penetration” of each light system. All three of those elements – water clarity, lumen rating, and light penetration – account for the desired effect while out on the water. While deciding on which system will suit your needs the best, think about how you want to use the NOCQUA light system, where you’ll be using it, and how bright it needs to be. If you have any further questions, please email info@nocqua.com. We’ll be happy to help you narrow down the search!

Other questions...

Check out the full list of F.A.Q.’s or email info@nocqua.com.


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