New NOCQUA Adapters & Kits for 2018

The warm weather has finally arrived and we here at NOCQUA HQ are super excited to get back out on the water. We have a handful of new Adapters and Kits that are designed to supplement the already awesome Pro Power Kit. If you haven’t picked up the best mobile power source for marine electronics, click over to the Pro Power Kit listing and check it out!

Corrosion Preventative Kit

The Corrosion Preventative Kit is the best solution for protecting the Pro Power Battery terminals. The Kit includes three select products that are designed to safeguard from the use and abuse that accompanies the rough conditions that anglers find themselves in, on the water.

Dual Port USB Adapter

The Dual Port USB Adapter coverts the Pro Power Battery into a power source for cell phones, action cameras, and other USB charged devices. The Adapter features threading for a hard-mount installation and a glowing LED battery gauge that indicates the amount of remaining power in the Pro Power Battery.

6-Pack Kit

The 6-Pack Kit makes for a perfect pairing with the Corrosion Preventative Kit. It includes (6) Sacrificial Adapters and (6) Caps + Tether.

Plug 'n' Play Cables

Plug ‘n’ Play Cables were created for a wider range of installation options. Available in 2 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths.

Cap Pack

The Cap Pack features one Male Cap + Tether and one Female Cap + Tether. It’s a great choice for going above and beyond while protecting the Pro Power Battery and terminals.

Viking Concealment Kayak Hatch Plate

The Viking Concealment Kayak Hatch Plate is designed to hold two of the 10Ah Pro Power Batteries inside the hatch of a Hobie kayak. The Hatch Plate keeps your Pro Power Batteries up, off the bottom of the kayak and adds some versatility to the Hobie Hatch.

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