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Well folks, iCast and Outdoor Retailer 2016 are in the books! Though we weren’t exhibiting this year, EJ and Billy took the trip down to Orlando to support some of our industry partners who have helped us so much in the past year since the release of the Pro Power Kit in 2015. A little love for those who love power, so to speak. Then Billy jumped on a plane to Utah (we can only let EJ leave the office for so long!) where he had the chance to continue working with our industry partners. Check out the Summer Trade Show Recap!

Our favorite part of shows is seeing what the industry has to offer and the new directions that are in store for the coming year’s market. This year yielded an increased demand for paddle kayaks and much to our pleasant surprise, a few other mobile power battery options that are set to release within the year.

We are so excited to see the mobile power market expanding as fisherman and other outdoorsmen realize the value of safe, compact, water tight battery options. When we first released the NOCQUA battery three years ago, it was an accessory to our lighting kits. These lithium ion batteries were designed to be lightweight and water resistant for their original purpose, sitting on the nose of a paddleboard! We’ve spent the last three years perfecting the lighting package, so we knew that we could stand behind this battery, 100%.

When we the need for mobile power in the kayak fishing domain arose, we were able to supply a simple, tried and true solution. The NOCQUA Pro Power Kit and adapters have opened doors to safer, easier adventuring without the limitations of previous power options, and we are thrilled to see others recognizing this long ignored need.

So whether you have a fish finder that needs to run until that perfect, big catch or you simply want to make sure your GoPro stays charged on that three day hike, there are soon to be many mobile power options for keeping your adventure going. As needs grow and expand, the industry expands right alongside it – hence the reason we all love trade shows so much! A few days with friends from across the country exploring the newest, the biggest, and the best? Count us in.

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