Since the launch of the NOCQUA Sport in early March, we have been pretty busy over here at NOCQUA World Wide Headquarters. We are excited for a crazy summer, since crazy is what we do best.

So by this point, everyone knows that the Sport model is less expensive, listed at $199.99 as opposed to the Pro Series NOCQUA 2000 at $349.99, but what really changed? And more importantly, what stayed the same?

Difference: Bar Length
The Pro Series NOCQUA 2000 and Spectrum light bars measure in at 44 inches long. Part of developing the Sport Edition was making the LED track shorter – each NOCQUA Sport light bar is 22 inches.

Difference: Lumens
Don’t worry…the smaller unit still packs a pretty big punch on the water. Just because it is half the size doesn’t mean everything got cut in half! The NOCQUA Sport produces 600 lumens per bar, for a total of 1200 lumens. The original NOCQUA 2000 gives off a total of…you guessed it, 2000 lumens, at 1000 per bar.

Similarity: Package
Both units come fully equipped with everything you need to start lighting the way. The full package includes: one adjustable harness, two extension straps, one battery and charger, one in-line on/off switch, one Y connector, and a durable travel case.

Difference: Battery Size & Life
Like the unit itself, the NOCQUA Sport battery is also a little smaller. The Sport comes with a 2200mAh 12V lithium ion battery and the NOCQUA 2000 runs on a 4400 mAh 12V lithium ion battery. Both batteries will run for 2-2.5 hours on the water and are rechargeable using the included charger.

Difference: Travel Case
Both of the NOQUA Pro Series systems – NOCQUA 200 and Spectrum – come in a hard sided, zipper travel case with a shoulder strap for transport and exterior pockets for the battery and other components.
With the introduction of the NOCQUA Sport, we were able to change the design of the travel case to accommodate the shorter light bars. The Sport travel case will still hold everything you need, but Sport case features soft sides and zipper closures, designed to be hand held or easily carried in a backpack or other bag.

Similarity: The NOCQUA Experience
No matter what system is right for you, NOCQUA is designed to open up a whole new world after the sun goes down. Our easy to install systems offer access to longer paddling hours, greater safety on the water at night, and the ability to see a world just beneath the water’s surface.

Start lighting the way today and receive Free Shipping on any order to the continental US for the entire month of May!

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