Here we are, almost a full year after we closed up the first Pro Power Kit clam shell, and each day we get more excited about the potential of this lightweight, water resistant, power source.

The release of the Pro Power Kit in August of 2014 re-purposed an existing NOCQUA product component – the 12V battery – driving NOCQUA further into the adventure gear market.

The compact NOCQUA battery premiered as the power source of the NOCQUA 2000 light system in 2013 and has been used to power the later released NOCQUA Spectrum and Sport models. This battery was designed to meet the needs of NOCQUA’s night paddle consumer, maximizing time on the water and ensuring the brilliant brightness level and the durability of the NOCQUA light systems.

However, as Pro Staffer Jameson Redding outlined in a previous blog post, the criteria that led to the development of the 12V battery aligned with the needs of the outdoor adventure market in more ways than just powering LEDs. The Pro Power Kit has proved instrumental in powering on the water electronics in the kayak fishing industry and we are happy to say that new adventure applications are being discovered and developed each day.

We’re looking for your help to make the Pro Power Kit the best power source on the water, in the woods, and in your gear junkie heart. The click through button below will lead you to a page with a couple of questions about the Pro Power Kit and its applications. Simply answer the questions and you’ll be presented with a unique promo code to the store.

If you haven’t yet purchased the Pro Power Kit and are looking for a discount, we’d still love to hear from you!

Thank you for your continued support of NOCQUA Adventure Gear and keep on lighting the way! (Survey closed)

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