Night Photography Chris Funk Sport Edition

Whether you’re on a night tour, doing some fishing after dark, or just enjoying your SUP after the sun goes down, a NOCQUA night paddle is sure to be an extremely memorable experience – and that means you want pictures, right? Outdoor photography can be a tricky venture – and night photography doesn’t make it any easier! Add in the concentrated lighting that NOCQUA systems supply, a moving subject, and potentially difficult weather conditions, and getting a clear picture seems nearly impossible! And yet, the NOCQUA Facebook and Instagram are full of beautifully captured night paddles from around the world. How do they do it?

We talked with Team NOCQUA Ambassador and photographer Chris Funk for some tips and tricks when it comes to turning your memories into stunning photos that you can keep for a lifetime!

Outdoor photography is unique in its ability to demonstrate a world that many people don’t get to see day to day. In his own photography, Chis likes to show people his own adventures in hopes that they will find their own. “Too many folks either stay to busy or just have no clue about the beauty we are surrounded with so it helps to be able to show the things I get to see. I can’t tell you the times people have asked me where I was and are shocked to find out I was just minutes from where they live every day.”

Here at NOCQUA, our mission is something similar – to open up new avenues of adventure and reveal a world just below your feet. From manatee visitors to the childlike wonder of someone experiencing the NOCQUA Spectrum Disco Mode for the first time, the NOCQUA experience is one you will want to revisit for years to come.

First we started off with the basics. “A tripod for the camera is extremely important and the calmer the water the better,” explained Chis. “If you can fire a small amount of off camera flash it will help freeze the movement and not blow out the entire shot. It is tricky, but with a bit of patience, you can get some shots your friends will never forget!”

Of course, this isn’t a 100% effective formula – even Chris had trouble with some wind a few weeks back in the Keys! Fortunately on those windy nights, Chris has found other ways to enjoy his NOCQUA lights. “I have edited [photos] with them [while sitting along a riverbank], but I have also used them to clean fish and wild game, cook dinner for camp, rig my boats for fishing tournaments and used them as lights for a gathering in camp. We have used them for mood lighting on a tropical beach and even used the Spectrum lights as a flashing “metal detector” in a skit for our vacation bible school at church.” How fun!

Other adventures include a recent fishing trip in which a well placed NOCQUA Sport helped pull baitfish into the dock and yielded some awesome kayak shots! In Chris’s words, “Night photography is a challenge but so worth it when it turns out right.” Just check out some of his gallery and we think you’ll agree.

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