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One week ago the NOCQUA team announced the release of the newest NOCQUA innovation – the NOCQUA Sport. We decided to get some inside information from NOCQUA inventor Billy Rossini about how the Sport came to be and what you can expect from the newest product.

So how did Billy come up with the idea for the Sport?

“I was out drinking with my friends, using the NOCQUA 2000 as a cane while lighting the way back home. It snapped in half and I thought, ‘hmmmm we should sell a mini version.’ It happened in front of Sport Clips, so we just dropped the Clips part. The end.”

Just kidding.

The Sport was designed as a lower price point model for the everyday paddler, kayaker, or water sport enthusiast. “Since the release of the NOCQUA 2000 and Spectrum, we have always been about creating experience based products. Which for us means, getting more lights on the water,” Billy explains. The primary goal was, “to devise something that was ‘compact’ in a variety of ways. Compact in design without reducing the experience, while arriving at a price point that makes paddling at night even more accessible.” Mix together feedback from customers and ambassadors with countless hours in the NOCQUA Lab (think The Batcave, but obviously cooler) and Babammm! NOCQUA Sport was born.

“We followed the same successful recipe that created NOCQUA 2000 and Spectrum – durable, rechargeable, powerful and flexible in the variety of uses. We now offer a complete range of products from the compact, price point oriented NOCQUA Sport ($199.99) to the powerful, yet simple to use NOCQUA 2000 ($349.99), and finishing with the Pro Series Spectrum for ultimate personalization via color choices and color modes.”

The NOCQUA Sport features a shortened light bar, compact battery, smaller travel case and the same updated harness and thumb-screw mounting system that is now featured on all NOCQUA models. Check out the NOCQUA Shop for a full comparison of all three light systems.

What is that cliché saying? Great things come in tiny packages?

Billy has been hard at work and it has paid off. “We worked really hard to find the right balance of lumen output to battery life,” he explains, “and I believe we achieved that goal with Sport. I am proud to introduce NOCQUA Sport to the world.”

Thanks for illuminating us, Billy. Pun 100% intended.

– –

The NOCQUA Sport Edition features a new compact design but still delivers the full NOCQUA night time experience and the same dependable construction as the NOCQUA Pro Series lighting systems. Includes everything you need: 2 light bars with harness system, on/off switch, Y connector, battery and charger, extension straps, and is packaged in a durable travel case. Click through below for a close up.

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