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You might recognize Jeramie from Team NOCQUA, but rest assured, lighting the way is just a fraction of Jeramie’s day-to-day involvement in the SUP industry. Despite having only been in the SUP world for five years (he grew up wakeboarding and playing ice hockey!) Jeramie has made a name for himself through his board design work with Boga Boards and as a competitive racer!

The SUP industry is one that is becoming quickly diversified to include all kinds of paddlers, from beginners, yogis, adventurers, racers, and life-long SUP enthusiasts, to your neighbor next door who has a lake house a few hours away.

We got a chance to ask Jeramie a few questions about surf, SUP, and his new blog The Kook Chronicles. Thank goodness for email though, because this guy is constantly on the move!

NOCQUA: Although you’re relatively new to the SUP industry, you’ve gotten very involved with board development. Can you say more about the niche specific boards that are becoming more commonplace?

JV: I have been very fortunate to work with an innovative and pioneer in the SUP Industry. The sport is so user friendly that new niches are being created all the time. From SUP Surfing to SUP Yoga boards are being re-designed to perform even better for the paddler and new parts of SUP are being explored.
As a racer I have worked closely with Dave Meyler and our team creating boards that are competitive and great for the all around paddler. It is always great seeing someone paddle their first race board and get hooked on the sport instantly because the board works for them!
The BOGA Yoga has been another board that has taken on an identity of its own. It was the board that introduced me to Yoga 4 years ago and after spending many hours on it, to this day it is still one of my favorite boards to paddle.

NOCQUA: We hear you did pretty well at Carolina Cup! Care to share little about that experience?

JV: Thanks, it was a grueling race with many of the world best paddlers in attendance. It is always an honor to be able to line up with paddlers from across the globe as new friendships are created. This years race was different than in years past as we switched up the direction and went counter clockwise. This set us up for an epic start to the race with some fun downwind conditions. It also broke up a lot of the draft trains that usually form within the first mile of the race. I was fortunate to link up with some strong paddlers, Larry Cain, Thomas Budday, Kieran Grant and a Czech Republic paddler, we worked together for all of the flat water and had a great finish, snuck in just ahead of Larry and Thomas. It is one of the most challenging races I’ve done and this year there was a bit of everything to manage during the race. I was excited to be on the newly designed BOGA Typhoon 14′ Team Edition as it handled the conditions perfectly. And I’ve been fortunate to team up with an amazing group of trainers in San Clemente, Foundation Fitness SC, who were instrumental in getting me in great shape for this event. I am all ready looking forward to next’s year race!

NOCQUA: Obviously racing happens in the daylight, but we have seen quite a few shots of your nighttime SUP yoga practice! What makes night paddling so unique?

JV: There is something about being on a still, peaceful body of water that is only lit up from the moon, stars and the NOCQUA system. You are able to move freely and see a lot of night nature in it’s natural environment. But night SUP Yoga is one of my most favorite things to do as it really forces us to stay present and listen to our bodies and not our mind. The peace and stillness allows for the connection with nature without some of the daytime distractions. But I think night racing with NOCQUA would be awesome, maybe we should put together a few trials! You are on to something here!

NOCQUA: Tell us more about your new blog and what you have in store?

JV: The Kook Chronicles are something that I have just put together. Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate to meet some many amazing people and paddle at their spots. Everyone is so supportive and willing to open their homes, kitchens and lives to fellow paddlers that I felt that I needed to share. And after doing some research I wanted to shed some light onto the name Kook. Because in all honesty I am brand new into the Surf culture after growing up inland in Massachusetts. So the Kook Chronicles will share my adventures, provide some tips and feature some product reviews.

NOCQUA: We will definitely be sharing some of your articles in the future! Thanks Jeramie for chatting with us! Safe travels and keep lighting the way!


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