Warm Weather & New Gear

New NOCQUA Adapters & Kits for 2018

The warm weather has finally arrived and we here at NOCQUA HQ are super excited to get back out on the water. We have a handful of new Adapters and Kits that are designed to supplement the already awesome Pro Power Kit. If you haven’t picked up the best mobile power source for marine electronics, click over to the Pro Power Kit listing and check it out!

Corrosion Preventative Kit

The Corrosion Preventative Kit is the best solution for protecting the Pro Power Battery terminals. The Kit includes three select products that are designed to safeguard from the use and abuse that accompanies the rough conditions that anglers find themselves in, on the water.

Dual Port USB Adapter

The Dual Port USB Adapter coverts the Pro Power Battery into a power source for cell phones, action cameras, and other USB charged devices. The Adapter features threading for a hard-mount installation and a glowing LED battery gauge that indicates the amount of remaining power in the Pro Power Battery.

6-Pack Kit

The 6-Pack Kit makes for a perfect pairing with the Corrosion Preventative Kit. It includes (6) Sacrificial Adapters and (6) Caps + Tether.

Plug 'n' Play Cables

Plug ‘n’ Play Cables were created for a wider range of installation options. Available in 2 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths.

Cap Pack

The Cap Pack features one Male Cap + Tether and one Female Cap + Tether. It’s a great choice for going above and beyond while protecting the Pro Power Battery and terminals.

Viking Concealment Kayak Hatch Plate

The Viking Concealment Kayak Hatch Plate is designed to hold two of the 10Ah Pro Power Batteries inside the hatch of a Hobie kayak. The Hatch Plate keeps your Pro Power Batteries up, off the bottom of the kayak and adds some versatility to the Hobie Hatch.

New Gear Coming Soon!

You heard it right, NOCQUA has new gear in the works.

We’re itching to get back on the water as soon as the winter temperatures break and we’ll be ready with new components and accessories to support the Pro Power Kit package. Get excited salt water guys, electronic gurus, and y’all who just like a tight line because your favorite marine power source just keeps getting better.

If you want to be the first to know about our releases, sign up for our newsletter below. As always, if you have any ideas that could help make your life on the water easier, feel free to shoot us a message. We’re happy to hear from you guys.

Happy 2018, y’all! It’s going to be a good one.



Beating the winter blues

Beating The Winter Blues

Your kayak is waiting patiently for the winter snow to melt and your paddle board doesn’t want to see water until it’s at least 70 degrees outside.  The winter can be a slow time for traditional outdoor activities, but with a little extra creativity, there are still ways to get out of the house during these shorter days of the year and beat the winter blues. After all, adventure is all about breaking the mold a bit, right?


Grab your favorite snuggle buddy – canine or human – and throw the tent in the car.  Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you can’t still spend a night under the stars.  Sometimes those winter nights can be the clearest for stargazing! A small, portable heater can be powered by your Pro Power Kit and NOCQUA lights easily attach to trees or tent structures to light up your campsite.

Ice Fishing:

Who says that the fish aren’t biting just because the air is? If you’re down south like we are, you might have to travel a little ways to properly ice fish, but all of the same rules apply.  Mount your fish finder to an Orion cooler and you’re good to go.  Your cooler even doubles as a seat. Total win.

Snowy Hike:

Nothing is more beautiful than a snow covered mountain. Layer up and enjoy nature at its most pristine, all the while solving that itch to get up off the couch. Just throw your NOCQUA battery and a USB adapter in your backpack so that you’re guaranteed to have a charged camera all day long.

Other ideas? Tag us in pictures of your winter adventures on Instagram (@NOCQUA) or Facebook (@Nocqua Adventure Gear) so we can share!

2016 Holiday Gear Guide

NOCQUA Holiday Gift Guide '16

With the holidays swiftly approaching, we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the ever-difficult question, “what do you want for Christmas?”  It’s always a difficult one, but fortunately, the NOCQUA team put our heads together to help you out this year.  Just keep this holiday gear guide handy the next time your favorite gift giver starts asking about present ideas and you’re sure to have one heck of a time on Christmas morning.


The Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel is the perfect way to charge all of your devices on the go, no matter where your adventures take you! Waterproof and durable, just the way we like it. And with our Solar Ready adapter, it’s also an easy way to recharge your Pro Power Kit on those multiple day fishing expeditions. This solar panel hardly takes up any space in your backpack and more importantly, it works. We’ll be the first to tell anyone asking, there’s a reason why Goal Zero is one of the most commercially celebrated solar panel companies out there today.


Everyone knows that there’s never enough time for all of the fishing you’d like to do, so maximize the time you do get to spend on the water with this touch screen beauty. An internal GPS antenna and advanced sonar technology means you get to your honey hole to find the action quicker and get on the bite more efficiently. It goes without saying that any Lowrance device is going to be scary accurate, allowing for picture perfect views of the important stuff without allowing the sophistication to overwhelm the user experience. Even better, power it up with a 10ah Pro Power Kit for hours of enjoyment from your kayak.


Whether you’re icing down today’s catch or tonight’s beers (or both, that’s cool too), Orion Coolers are built for the job. Add a few RAM Mounts accessories to the YakAttack GearTrac lining the sides, and you’re all set to plug and play. To setup our favorite rig, you’ll need an X-Grip to mount your cellphone and a LevelCup to keep your adult beverage upright. By the way, we’re partial to the 35 quart in BlueFin, but you truly can’t go wrong with any size or color pattern.


While this guy sports the highest price tag on the list, we absolutely think that the hours of enjoyment are 110% worth every penny. We have Jameson on record claiming that he would give up walking if he could OneWheel everywhere. Billy likes to handle the warehouse while chugging around on the OneWheel. This electronic balance board will turn heads to the point that you’ll need to stop teaching people how to ride it just to have enough battery to get home. All you need is a little balance and a sense of adventure.


It is our strong belief that all of the best things in life should be able to handle a bit of water. With LifeProof, we can include cell phones on that list. And while it’s nice to be able to unplug once in a while, it’s also important that you’re able to tell your wife that you’ll be late to dinner…again, or to be confident pulling your phone out to snap a picture of that awesome catch (CPR guys, you know how it is).

Add in a NOCQUA USB Adapter and charge your phone on the go with your NOCQUA battery!


As most of y’all would know, moving electronics and wires from storage to car to kayak and back again can really put a damper on things. YakAttack’s CellBlok will save you some time when you mount your fishfinder to this versatile battery box. Organization is key, and with enough interior space to house all of your wires and power source (read: Pro Power Kit!), you’ll finally have a remedy for the headache. Just mount to some GearTrac, and you’re all set to hit the water.


EJ would be remiss if we didn’t throw in his favorite new jacket, especially since the weather in North Carolina has finally dropped to a new low for the year. We’ve been huge fans of Kühl for a few years now, as they make some of the most thought-out, but not overly engineered (sound familiar?), pieces of apparel on the market today and the Alpenlux is no exception. Incredibly warm, but not bulky, the two tone fleece creates a great mid-weather jacket and under-shell layer. On the colder days, EJ has been pairing the Alpenlux with his tried and true Burr Jacket.

Pro power solar charging

Summer Trade Show Recap

Well folks, iCast and Outdoor Retailer 2016 are in the books! Though we weren’t exhibiting this year, EJ and Billy took the trip down to Orlando to support some of our industry partners who have helped us so much in the past year since the release of the Pro Power Kit in 2015. A little love for those who love power, so to speak. Then Billy jumped on a plane to Utah (we can only let EJ leave the office for so long!) where he had the chance to continue working with our industry partners. Check out the Summer Trade Show Recap!

Our favorite part of shows is seeing what the industry has to offer and the new directions that are in store for the coming year’s market. This year yielded an increased demand for paddle kayaks and much to our pleasant surprise, a few other mobile power battery options that are set to release within the year.

We are so excited to see the mobile power market expanding as fisherman and other outdoorsmen realize the value of safe, compact, water tight battery options. When we first released the NOCQUA battery three years ago, it was an accessory to our lighting kits. These lithium ion batteries were designed to be lightweight and water resistant for their original purpose, sitting on the nose of a paddleboard! We’ve spent the last three years perfecting the lighting package, so we knew that we could stand behind this battery, 100%.

When we the need for mobile power in the kayak fishing domain arose, we were able to supply a simple, tried and true solution. The NOCQUA Pro Power Kit and adapters have opened doors to safer, easier adventuring without the limitations of previous power options, and we are thrilled to see others recognizing this long ignored need.

So whether you have a fish finder that needs to run until that perfect, big catch or you simply want to make sure your GoPro stays charged on that three day hike, there are soon to be many mobile power options for keeping your adventure going. As needs grow and expand, the industry expands right alongside it – hence the reason we all love trade shows so much! A few days with friends from across the country exploring the newest, the biggest, and the best? Count us in.

10Ah Pro Power Kit on a fishing kayak

The 10Ah Has Arrived!

You asked and we delivered! This spring, the 10Ah Pro Power Kit joins the lineup alongside the 4.4Ah battery pack.

At NOCQUA, our job has never been to dictate your adventure. Rather, our products aim to enhance and expand your experience, removing any and all limitations to getting outdoors. Over the past year, the 4.4Ah Pro Power Kit has quickly become a favorite among kayak fisherman everywhere, who have found it to be the perfect answer to powering their on the water electronics. Anglers looking for a power source to run their finders and sounders, in particular, have been seeing the benefits of using such a powerful, yet compact, battery kit.

Don’t just take our word for it; take it from Chris Funk: “It lasts longer than I care to fish, longer than my back or butt can stand.”

Now, not all butts and backs are created equal, so in order to keep you on the water longer, NOCQUA has released the 10Ah Pro Power Kit with all of the same components and easy installation you loved before, now with a greater capacity, and longer run time. This larger battery is still just as compact – weighing in at just 1.4lbs, compared to the 0.85 lbs 4.4 Ah battery – but the increased capacity gives you the ability to power multiple devices using the NOCQUA Y Connector or simply to stay outdoors longer.

Have questions or want to know which kit is right for you? Visit the Pro Power Kit Shop page for a direct spec comparison, as well as an install video and F.A.Qs! And as always, feel free to contact us via our contact page or at info@nocqua.com.

Chris Funk’s Run Down: http://youtu.be/p0M978DKdro

Pro Power Kit in the NOCQUA Shop: https://nocqua.com/product/pro-power-kit/

Contact us at NOCQUA HQ: https://nocqua.com/contact/

Build Your Battery Rig: https://nocqua.com/build-your-rig/

The New NOCQUA.com

Welcome to the New NOCQUA.com

Things look a bit different around here at the new NOCQUA.com.

It’s difficult to believe that the first NOCQUA 2000 left our warehouse in North Carolina over three years ago. What’s crazier to think about is Billy’s first samples hit the water in the Keys all the way back in 2011. After hundreds of prototypes and three production models of the lights later, we can truly say that we are fortunate to have developed a product line that has been adopted all over the world. We’re even more fortunate to have friends who have lent their time and energy to help us out, whether brainstorming the next performance tweak or simply sharing the adventure along the way.

2016 marks the beginning of a new era at NOCQUA Adventure Gear. For some time now, we have explored what “Adventure Gear” really means to us as a company, brand, and lifestyle. These conversations always came full circle and reinforced what we love about our process – NOCQUA is innovative and flexible products that are developed with insight to the activities that call adventurers outdoors. Our products are created to enhance experiences, so that you can have fun on your own terms, without any limitations.

In short, we are excited to announce the expansion of our product lines! For simple organization, we have two divisions – NOCQUA Power and NOCQUA Lighting.

The Pro Power Kit has existed behind the scenes at NOCQUA HQ for a little more than a year and with the launch of the new website, we are thrilled to offer it the spotlight it so greatly deserves. Utilizing the same battery technology developed for our light systems, the Pro Power Kit opened a world of applications, launching NOCQUA way beyond our original visions and out into a new and exciting market. The coming weeks will see the release of the 10Ah Pro Power Kit, as well as a USB Adapter to make powering your devices on the go even easier.

Everyday at NOCQUA, we work for you and your brand of adventure; this website is just the next step in making it easier for you to get outdoors. If you are new to the NOCQUA family, welcome! Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page and check out the About Us page for a more in depth look into our story. If you are a returning visitor, we would like to say thank you for your continued support. We invite you to take look around, add a review for the products you know and love, and be sure to keep an eye out for product releases and updates!

Every once in a while, we’ll receive feedback that describes NOCQUA as “not fancy; it just works”. That’s it for us and we’ll smile every time we hear it or something similar. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for being here and helping us to keep the adventure going.

~ The NOCQUA Team

Pro Power Kit Research

Here we are, almost a full year after we closed up the first Pro Power Kit clam shell, and each day we get more excited about the potential of this lightweight, water resistant, power source.

The release of the Pro Power Kit in August of 2014 re-purposed an existing NOCQUA product component – the 12V battery – driving NOCQUA further into the adventure gear market.


Night Photography Chris Funk Sport Edition

Night Photography: NOCQUA Edition

Whether you’re on a night tour, doing some fishing after dark, or just enjoying your SUP after the sun goes down, a NOCQUA night paddle is sure to be an extremely memorable experience – and that means you want pictures, right? Outdoor photography can be a tricky venture – and night photography doesn’t make it any easier! Add in the concentrated lighting that NOCQUA systems supply, a moving subject, and potentially difficult weather conditions, and getting a clear picture seems nearly impossible! And yet, the NOCQUA Facebook and Instagram are full of beautifully captured night paddles from around the world. How do they do it?


jeramie vaine sup lights spectrum lights

Exploring the SUP Industry with Jeramie Vaine

You might recognize Jeramie from Team NOCQUA, but rest assured, lighting the way is just a fraction of Jeramie’s day-to-day involvement in the SUP industry. Despite having only been in the SUP world for five years (he grew up wakeboarding and playing ice hockey!) Jeramie has made a name for himself through his board design work with Boga Boards and as a competitive racer!

The SUP industry is one that is becoming quickly diversified to include all kinds of paddlers, from beginners, yogis, adventurers, racers, and life-long SUP enthusiasts, to your neighbor next door who has a lake house a few hours away.

We got a chance to ask Jeramie a few questions about surf, SUP, and his new blog The Kook Chronicles. Thank goodness for email though, because this guy is constantly on the move!

Pro vs Sport: So What’s The Difference?

Since the launch of the NOCQUA Sport in early March, we have been pretty busy over here at NOCQUA World Wide Headquarters. We are excited for a crazy summer, since crazy is what we do best.

So by this point, everyone knows that the Sport model is less expensive, listed at $199.99 as opposed to the Pro Series NOCQUA 2000 at $349.99, but what really changed? And more importantly, what stayed the same?


nocqua spectrum kayak sup lights

5 Reasons to NOCQUA-FY Your Life

When two-time world watersports champion and Guinness Book of World Records record-holder, Billy Rossini decided that there just wasn’t enough time to get all of his paddling in during the day, he sat down at his white board and started planning. When he emerged from the NOCQUA lab, NOCQUA Adventure Gear was born.

For those of you still in the dark, NOCQUA Adventure Gear is the premier developer of the revolutionary, removable LED lighting system designed for stand-up paddleboards (SUP), kayaks, canoes, and outdoor living. Our three systems, the Pro Series NOCQUA 2000 and NOCQUA Spectrum, and the newly released consumer model, the NOCQUA Sport, allow paddlers to strap and go, lighting their vessel of choice beneath the water for hours of on the water fun, long after the sun goes down.

So in case you aren’t 100% sold yet, here are 5 reasons why you probably need NOCQUA in your life.


USNWC Tuckfest 2015

NOCQUA Adventure Gear will be heading back out to the US Whitewater Center for the annual Tuckfest event this weekend, April 17 through 19.

Billy will be in attendance with lights to demo, sell, and of course light the way for the event staff and participants. We had a great response to this incredible event last year, so we are stoked to be back! If you want to check out the new NOCQUA Sport and NOCQUA Pro Power Kit or even just say what’s up to Billy, he’ll be setup in booth #18 all weekend. Come by, hang out, and enjoy the outdoors at the USNWC!

Tuck Fest is a three-day festival that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle through competitions, exhibitions, demos and live music at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The festival features a variety of outdoor sport competitions that include trail running, kayaking, biking, climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, slacklining and adventure racing. If you haven’t been to an event at the USNWC, we highly recommend checking it out! It is easily one of the coolest spots in the Southeast and it’s located just outside of Charlotte.

For more information about Tuckfest 2015, check out tuckfest.org

For more information about the US National Whitewater Center, check out usnwc.org

nocqua lights

Blake Olsen’s Epic Adventure

You may have seen some recent images of Team NOCQUA ambassador, Blake Olsen flying through the air on a NOCQUA lit kiteboard. We talked with him a little about his experience jumping over White Street Pier in Key West, working with Billy to customize NOCQUA to his own particular needs, and his upcoming travels.

sport edition light system

Introducing: The NOCQUA Sport

One week ago the NOCQUA team announced the release of the newest NOCQUA innovation – the NOCQUA Sport. We decided to get some inside information from NOCQUA inventor Billy Rossini about how the Sport came to be and what you can expect from the newest product.

So how did Billy come up with the idea for the Sport?

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