Pro Power kit kayak fishing battery pack

Attention kayak fishermen…we have a pretty big announcement for ya.

If you’ve been hanging out with Jameson Redding or Jim Sammons lately you may have already heard, but this spring NOCQUA Adventure Gear released a product that we think is going to be your new best friend. Introducing, the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit.

The Pro Power Kit comes with NOCQUA’s proprietary 12V rechargeable battery pack that is designed to run your electronics on the water without the hassle that comes with traditional power sources. Fish finders, depth finders, and other electronic components now have a lightweight, compact option that is durable and water resistant. It’s ready go wherever you go and withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

While NOCQUA has been using it’s water resistant battery pack to power our lighting systems since early 2013, it wasn’t until this past summer that we got the idea to put our battery to other uses. Team NOCQUA Pro Staffer, Jameson Redding, was actually the first to put two and two together.

“The idea came about when we were at OR this past year. A fellow Jackson Team member named Gregg Crisp ask me if I had ever though about using it to power a depth finder…a few hours later the Raymarine we were using in the Jackson booth went dead and we had no charger to recharge the battery. I ran to the Nocqua booth and asked for a battery pack and a charger that I could cut the end off of. We wired it up and the rest is history!”

The Pro Power Kit comes with everything you would need to wire and run your electronic components, including water resistant heat shrink tubing and butt connectors, battery and charger, and a 12” connector with open leads. No water proof case needed! And be sure to check out the installation video that Jameson put together.
So what other kayak fishing products are in the works? We are busy over at the NOCQUA Lab working with Jameson on a link to run 2 batteries in parallel, giving you double the run time for longer excursions or multiple day trips. We are also working with Goal Zero to develop a mobile-solar charger for the Pro Power Kit battery. As with all of our products, versatility and compatibility is key.
You may never have to leave your kayak again.
Product Specifications:

  • One 12V Lithium Ion Battery; 4400mAh
  • One 110V Charger
  • One 12″ Connector with open leads
  • 6″ heat shrink tubing
  • 2 heat shrink butt connectors

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