Beating the winter blues

Your kayak is waiting patiently for the winter snow to melt and your paddle board doesn’t want to see water until it’s at least 70 degrees outside.  The winter can be a slow time for traditional outdoor activities, but with a little extra creativity, there are still ways to get out of the house during these shorter days of the year and beat the winter blues. After all, adventure is all about breaking the mold a bit, right?


Grab your favorite snuggle buddy – canine or human – and throw the tent in the car.  Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean you can’t still spend a night under the stars.  Sometimes those winter nights can be the clearest for stargazing! A small, portable heater can be powered by your Pro Power Kit and NOCQUA lights easily attach to trees or tent structures to light up your campsite.

Ice Fishing:

Who says that the fish aren’t biting just because the air is? If you’re down south like we are, you might have to travel a little ways to properly ice fish, but all of the same rules apply.  Mount your fish finder to an Orion cooler and you’re good to go.  Your cooler even doubles as a seat. Total win.

Snowy Hike:

Nothing is more beautiful than a snow covered mountain. Layer up and enjoy nature at its most pristine, all the while solving that itch to get up off the couch. Just throw your NOCQUA battery and a USB adapter in your backpack so that you’re guaranteed to have a charged camera all day long.

Other ideas? Tag us in pictures of your winter adventures on Instagram (@NOCQUA) or Facebook (@Nocqua Adventure Gear) so we can share!

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