Billy Rossini & NOCQUA Toggle


Billy Rossini 


Two time world champion and world record holder (Kneeboarding and Hydrofoiling). Guinness Book of World Records (Highest flip on hydrofoil – 23′)

Devising a way to enjoy the water at night was a natural progression for this Florida Keys water adventurist and inventor. Evenings provide extended playtime and a new dimension of fun, which is rarely explored. Connecting with key industry professionals, Billy conceived his designs, developed and tested countless prototypes, and perfected the world’s only adjustable LED waterproof light system for standup paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and outdoor living. And so, the NOCQUA 2000 was born under the company name, NOCQUA Adventure Gear. Billy and NOCQUA aim to continue to add new gear to our family of products, which enhance the night time experience, whether on the water or on land. Stay tuned for these releases and more!

NOCQUA Adventure Gear gives everyone the opportunity to experience the thrill and mystery of exploring the night in a whole new light. So light up and paddle out, because the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.